Keto Friendly
30 cal per serve
Dairy Free
All Natural
Australian Made
Arabica Coffee
100% Delicious
Brain Boosting
Keto Friendly
100% Delicious
Keto Friendly
Arabica Coffee
Brain Boosting
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Is Flowstate an instant coffee?

Yes, it is a hand picked single origin Colombian arabica coffee. Curated with natures finest Superfoods and the most re-searched brain boosting nootropics. Pretty much the best of coffee you’ll ever try in terms of taste and texture and functionality. You’ll agree after your first sip!

How do I use Flowstate?

You know the deal. Empty 1 sachet into a glass or mug, and fill with your desired amount of water (we recommend around 200mL). You work hard enough, so we’ve made it easy.

Does Flowstate contain anything artificial?

Nothing artificial at all. Flowstate is free from artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours.

We like our coffee as we like our friends, reliable, uplifting, strong and REAL.

Is Flowstate gluten, dairy and soy free?

Short answer - Yes.

The informative answer - A great product is complete, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Put simply, we wanted Flowstate to contain everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of our coffee, regardless of intolerances. We created a clean and powerful base, and you can add what you like (milk, whipped cream, sprinkles, vodka… we won’t judge).

We use a new micro-emulsifying spray technology which allows us to spray the MCT oil directly on the Coffee powder. This avoids the addition of maltodextrin or dairy as a base.

More YES, less stress.

Are there any side effects?

You will experience increased energy, more brain power, you’ll actually tick things off your todo list and remember where you put your keys, you will smile more and enjoy increased tolerance for small talk. Basically you’ll be you, but better.

Is it safe to drink?

Of course. We have meticulously chosen each and every ingredient to ensure that Flowstate only makes you feel all the good stuff. However, if you are currently taking any medication or have an existing health condition it is always best to speak to your GP before introducing anything new to your diet.

Will Flowstate help me lose weight?

Along with the amazing cognitive benefits you’ll experience, we’ve taken things a step further and taken your metabolism into consideration too.

We have only included good fats and we added an incredible metabolism-boosting ingredient called MCT oil, which helps convert fat into fuel. Research suggests that fat-burning basically comes down to the amount of calories you consume vs. the amount of calories you burn. Being in a calorie deficit is the key to dropping fat. By avoiding calorie-dense additives, we’ve managed to squeeze a whole lot of goodness into a weeny 38 calories per serve. Thus making it easier to fit into a healthy, balanced diet.

Genius? Stop it, you’re making us blush.

What diet types is Flowstate suitable for?

Vegan-friendly, Keto-friendly, Coeliac-friendly, pretty-much-any-diet-friendly and we all know coffee helps US to be friendly. Because who really even wants to meet their un-caffeinated self? #NotUs

Who is Flowstate for?

If you love coffee, and getting sh*t done - then you’ve just met your new best friend. Flowstate is ideal for anyone who wants to unlock their best self one coffee at a time.

Basically, for anyone looking to:

✔ Increase Fat Burning
✔ Enhance Energy
✔ Reduce Fatigue
✔ Improve Mood
✔ Reduce Food Cravings
✔ Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels
✔ Improve Brain Function
✔ Reduce Inflammation
✔ Enhance Episodes of Brilliance

What are superfoods?

We've all heard of superfoods, and aside from just sounding amazing, they come with some pretty great benefits.

We've included Tumeric for its anti-inflammatory properties and Ginseng to fight stress and lower cortisol. We've also added Ginkgo Biloba to fight free radicals and improve cognitive function by increasing blood flow to your brain, then we topped it off with a little MCT to boost your metabolism and energy levels.

Name another coffee that does that..... we’ll wait.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics (also known as "smart drugs" or "cognitive enhancers") are substances that are known to increase cognitive and executive function in areas such as memory, creativity, motivation, mood and focus.

Don’t stress - there has been vigorous testing of nootropics to assess their safety and effectiveness. While they come in a variety of forms, we have hand-picked the best (and safest) and most re-searched nootropics for Flowstate.

Can I only have Flowstate with hot water?

We are glad you asked. You can have it with hot water, cold water or even with milk.

You could add a splash of hot water to dilute and then add cold water and ice (or milk and ice) for a delicious iced coffee.

If you want to get really creative, add it to your Monday morning protein shake or your Saturday afternoon espresso martini. I think we just redefined “happy hour”.

When should I consume it?

Consume when you need to perform at your best and kick start your brain.

Enjoy when your child decides to throw a tantrum and you need to avoid doing time.

Indulge when you are faced with a weekend’s worth of chores to complete at 2pm on a Sunday.

Right before that big game, training session or sales presentation.

Basically, any time you just need to be at your best. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we would recommend avoiding it after 3pm (for sleep optimisation).

What am I getting with my order?

Is there anything better than getting that email to say your order has been delivered? #BestDayEver.

So what exactly are you going to find in that mysterious little package of excitement?

You’ll have a box, and inside that box you’ll find 25 sachets of powdered motivation disguised as the finest High Performance coffee powder — a.k.a. Flowstate.

Our new boxes have a tear front strip so that you can easily pull out a sachet at a time.