Keto Friendly
30 cal per serve
Dairy Free
All Natural
Australian Made
Arabica Coffee
100% Delicious
Brain Boosting
Keto Friendly
100% Delicious
Keto Friendly
Arabica Coffee
Brain Boosting
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What makes Flowstate MORE than "just coffee"?

Maybe you’ve seen us share our #FlowStateFam raving about us in our stories. Maybe you saw the panic when we posted up the shortest horror story ever... “Sold Out”.

You might even be thinking - “I don’t get it, it’s just coffee, right?”

Flowstate is coffee

You’re not WRONG, but you’re not exactly right... Uhhh let us break it down for you.

From the outside looking in, Flowstate is coffee (technically functional coffee). From first sip, Flowstate is not just coffee, but really bloody great coffee. In fact, Flowstate is created with the finest Colombian Arabica Coffee for that bold soul-awakening coffee taste. This is the only ingredient we use that is not sourced from within Australia!

As a segway to this next section, we were going to say “this is where the magic happens”, but that part actually comes a little later.

This is where the SCIENCE happens.

It is also where the productivity-maximising, brain-powering, euphoria-inducing, stress-melting, metabolism-boosting, circulation-increasing, memory-powering and anti-inflammatory goodness happens.

Intrigued? Read on.

Flowstate is also a Superfood and Nootropic formula

If you do read our captions (it’s so fine if you don’t, we don’t judge), you will have probably read those words on our account from time to time.

What do they mean, and what do they do? Let’s start with Superfoods!

You have probably heard of Superfoods right? Aside from just sounding amazing, they come with some pretty great benefits for your body and mind. If you take a look at some of our customer reviews, you’ll notice a few commonalities - drinking Flow State will make you feel “amazing”, “focused” and “sharp”. No, it’s not magic, it is the power of Superfoods, each purposefully picked for Flow State to help you awaken your best.


What it is: MCT Oil is made by refining coconut oil. Regarded as a super fuel for both body and brain and containing powerful fatty acids, it provides slow burning energy and boosts metabolism.

How it’ll help you: Amazing how that first sip of coffee just wakes you up instantly right? With the help of MCT oil, that energy lasts longer and and fades out naturally. No coffee crashing here. 

Tastes like: The MCT oil offers a delicious, yet subtle, coconut taste to our Flow State blend (most noticeable in the Original flavour). It also lends a premium “creaminess” to our coffee, which is one of the reasons Flow State is so enjoyable with or without milk.

Ginkgo Biloba

What it is: Ginkgo Biloba is a superfood that supports brain function, concentration and boosts memory. Proven to provide the benefits of increased circulation and brain health.

How it’ll help you: 10/10 recommend for those who constantly lose their keys. Also for those who find their toes are always freezing (poor circulation is not a vibe).

Tastes like: The taste perception actually varies from person to person when eaten raw (some say pine nuts or chestnut, some say potatoes - seriously), but it doesn’t have a distinct or noticeable taste in our coffee.


What it is: Turmeric is one of the most popular superfoods. It is an Ayurvedic powerhouse, regarded as a ‘heating’ spice and one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories.

How it’ll help you: We’ve included this to help you feel your best, in your mind AND body.

Tastes like: Turmeric in a large amount has an “earthy” spice taste, however, we’ve added just enough to give you the benefits without an overwhelming, or even noticeable, taste.

Siberian Ginseng

What it is: A key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and known as an adaptogen which lowers cortisol to reduce stress. It was traditionally used to help fight cold and flu, and also increase energy and vitality!

How it’ll help you: Better immunity and better ability to not lose your sh*t over the little things... Good for you, and everyone around you haha.

Tastes like: Siberian Ginseng on its own is said to have an earthy taste also, but again, the taste is not noticeable in our coffee.

Now let’s chat about Nootropics:

What are thoseee? Nootropics (also known as "smart drugs" or "cognitive enhancers") are substances that are known to increase cognitive function in areas such as memory, creativity, motivation and focus. There has been vigorous testing of Nootropics to assess their safety and effectiveness, and while they come in many forms, we have hand-picked the best (and safest) for FlowState.


What it is: Our first Nootropic selected for Flow State Coffee is L-theanine. An amino acid commonly found in tea leaves, proven to promote relaxation and support stress relief.

How it’ll help you: This handy Nootropic will help you feel a little more “zen” when your boss asks you if you’ve completed that job they told you not to worry about doing yesterday... sigh.

Tastes like: Nothing.


What it is: Our second Nootropic is Alpha GPC. A choline- containing nootropic that boosts acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) in the brain, supportive cognitive performance and key brain functions.

How it’ll help you: In other words, less staring at a blank screen and more getting sh*t done. You’re welcome!

Tastes like: Nothing.

The last notable ingredients to mention are the ones used to add flavour. At Flow State, we are all about utilising what we can from the earth to create the cleanest products available. We believe that in order to feel our best, we must consume the best! So why would we hand pick the best ingredients that nature has to offer, and ruin that with chemical flavours and additives?

Flow State coffee is naturally sweetened with stevia, which also overrides any bitterness that comes from using natural ingredients with earthy tastes such as Turmeric, Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. Besides the subtle coconut hint from MCT Oil, our Hazelnut Mocha Flow State has been naturally flavoured with the finest Australian Cocoa Powder.

Flowstate is a game changer

Guys - THIS is where the magic happens!

We have packed all of these incredible ingredients into individual sachets, for you to enjoy, reap the benefits and, wait for it, it still tastes like COFFEE.

Soo, long story short - looks like coffee, tastes like coffee (with some delicious twists, see: Hazelnut Mocha & NEW Salted Caramel Latte), is so so much MORE than coffee.

Too good to be true? Click here to shop today & find out for yourself.

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