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Keto Friendly
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Keto Friendly
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Morning coffee as a ritual to cultivate mindfulness and intentionality

What is your typical morning routine before work like? Do you take the time to appreciate the morning before heading out, and if so, how often? Or do you down your cuppa just to catch the train or mindlessly kickstart your brain?

The fastest way to welcome mindfulness and clarity into your morning is to bring your mind to the present moment.

Although that’s easier said than done, cultivating a ritual with presence is one of the most realistic ways we can put mindfulness to practice in everyday life.

Whether you’ve given no thought to your morning routine or you’ve read Hal Elrods ‘The Miracle Morning’ and have an exceptionally conscious A.M., there’s always more to learn about welcoming mindful rituals into your life. So come with us on that journey.

Firstly, what are the great benefits of practising mindfulness in the morning?

Reduces stress and anxiety

Starting your day with mindfulness practices can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, making you feel better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way.

Increases focus and productivity

Mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and cognitive function, which can help you to be more efficient and effective in your work.

Enhances creativity

By quieting the mind and focusing on the present moment, mindfulness can enhance creativity and spark new ideas. This can be particularly beneficial if you work in a creative field or need to come up with innovative solutions.

Increases self-awareness

Practising mindfulness in the morning can help to increase your self-awareness and cultivate a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. This can help you to make more conscious choices throughout the day and improve your overall wellbeing.

The way you start your day influences its trajectory

The research is clear — the way we begin our day sets the tone for what’s to come.

A study from Deakin University here in Australia found that taking time in the morning to be more mindful (like sipping on a Hazelnut Mocha) can lead to increased wellbeing and a more positive rest of the day.

If we wake up feeling stressed or rushed, it can be tough to shake that feeling for the rest of the day. However, when we start our day with intention and positivity, it can completely shift our outlook.

One simple way to incorporate mindfulness into our morning routine is through coffee.

So we drink the coffee mindfully, and it makes our day better?

By taking the time to savour each sip and appreciate the flavour and aroma of your morning brew, you can bring a sense of calm and focus, setting you up for a successful day.

Just like a morning hug to yourself, prioritising your morning routine and intentionally choosing to start your day with coffee mindfulness creates all the positive vibes for the day.

Mindful morning coffee ritual inspo:

Here are some coffee ritual ideas from some of our Flowstate drinkers:

My favourite thing is to drink my coffee while sitting on my egg chair on my balcony. Every morning I sit myself on the chair and people-watch or read articles and get myself in the zone for the day. I look forward to it every night too because it’s time just for me in the mornings.

— Kiara from Newtown, loves a Hazlenut Mocha sachet

I really enjoy a strong coffee while I watch the news for a quick 15 minutes every morning. I feel informed, alert and ready to tackle the day.

— James from Bondi, can’t go past our Unsweetened flavour

My first cup of coffee is when I first sit down at my desk in the mornings. This is my favourite time because I’m a massive planner, so I sit down and plan out my day while enjoying my coffee. It fuels me and makes me feel so ready to start the day.

— Shiana fromWollongong swears by Salted Caramel Latte

I make my coffee at home and take it with me on the 15-minute walk to the office. I walk through this really nice park every day so I can really enjoy it and take it all in. It feels like I’ve gone on a small adventure every day before I get to the office.

— Elle from Pyrmont, always goes for Hazlenut Mocha

Incorporating mindfulness into your coffee routine transforms it into a moment just for you, full of intentionality and purpose and sets you up for a positive rest of the day. Try it with your next sip.

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