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Keto Friendly
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Keto Friendly
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5 ways to master productivity and find your flow…state

You know those times when you’re all inspired to be productive after your TikTok For You Page has been serving you video after video of morning routines, desk organisations and productivity hacks?

But then suddenly you snap out of it and realise that you’ve been scrolling these trends for two hours and your to-do list has been completely and utterly neglected?

Add incessant email notifications, staying on top of work tasks (because time is money), RSVPing to events, thinking about what’s for dinner, replying to texts a friend sent you three weeks ago, and you’ve got yourself a delicious mess of infinite distractions at work and home. 

However, at Flowstate we consider ourselves masters of the flow, that is, the art of deep work. It hasn’t been easy for us to get here, let us tell you, but we’ve done the hard work, and now we’re stoked to share with you all of our secrets to finding focus and increasing productivity. Because after all, we ARE the creators of the greatest High Performance Coffee that ever was sipped. 

So, what is this ‘deep work’ we speak of?

Coined by Cal Newport, ‘deep work’ refers to the ability to concentrate on a cognitively demanding task without giving in to distractions. 

It's about fully immersing yourself in the work at hand, allowing creativity and productivity to flourish. In a society where multitasking is often glorified, deep work is a mastery, leading to significant breakthroughs and satisfying accomplishments.

But how do we achieve deep work in a world filled with noisy, fun, messy, stressful, happy etc. distractions?

Here are 5 of our tips to help you get into deep focus and enter a state of flow, including:

  • Plan to Plan
  • Keep Your Inbox Empty
  • Minimise Distractions
  • Embrace Deep Work
  • Get into your Flow…State

Plan to Plan

This one’s a goodie. Start your day with a solid plan. Instead of reaching for your phone to scroll through social media, take just 10 minutes in the morning to set your priorities and outline your tasks for the day. This simple act of planning can significantly increase your focus and productivity throughout the day.

Keep Your Notifications OFF

An influx of notifications and a cluttered email inbox can be a major source of distraction. Try turning off your notifications or using features like ‘do not disturb’ to ensure you stay organised and focused. Another good tip is to unsubscribe to unnecessary mailing lists to filter out the spam and declutter your inbox and notifications. 

Minimise Distractions and Set Boundaries

You know that thing where you’re allowed to say ‘no’, those invisible lines that you draw around yourself and your things to help you feel safe, comfortable and well, earn back your time?

Yeah? That’s called boundaries. 

A good exercise is to figure out the common distractions in your environment, whether it's your phone, social media, or that one noisy coworker, and take steps to eliminate them. Set clear boundaries, use website blockers, and create a dedicated workspace that signals to your brain that it's time to focus.

Embrace Deep Work 

One of our faves is making deep work a non-negotiable part of our daily routine. Set aside dedicated time for focused work sessions, starting with short intervals and gradually increasing their length as you pump up your focus muscle. 

Entrepreneur on laptop with Flowstate coffee

And if you’re looking for an extra boost to help you conquer your goals and master your flow once and for all, why not give Flowstate coffee a try? 

Our premium coffee is packed with 7 superfoods and nootropics, helping you stay focused, sharp and ready to tackle whatever lists come your way. Not to mention, it's low-calorie, vegan, and keto-friendly!

Mastering the art of deep work is not an easy feat, but it is an incredibly rewarding one. With these tips and a cup of Flowstate in hand, you're well on your way to unlocking your full

potential and achieving your greatest accomplishments.

After all, life’s too short for ‘regular’. Shop today!

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